Our Services

Advance Critical Care

Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital provide care for the most acute cases including severely injured and critically ill patients, as well as complicated cases or circumstances that require extensive medical care. Our knowledgeable and highly-trained staff believes in prompt, efficient service in mind where your health and well-being come first.

Bariatric Surgery

Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital provide perfect care for patient’s struggling with obesity and ready to lose weight, our Bariatric Services can help you find a healthier you. At Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital, we provide a broad range of surgical and non-surgical medical weight loss solutions.


Our heart specialists at Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital Services diagnose and treat all conditions of the heart and vascular system with state-of-the-art technology and expertise that is unmatched in District and the region. Whether you want to reduce your risk of a heart attack through our Preventive Cardiology Program, need an arterial blockage cleared by our Interventional Cardiology Program, a heartbeat corrected by our Cardiac Arrhythmia Program, or help for reduced blood flow from our Heart Failure Program, we are dedicated to making your heart as healthy as it can be.


At Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital, we deliver targeted and comprehensive consultation and treatment for patients who have a broad spectrum of conditions affecting the endocrine system, including diabetes, pituitary and other glandular disorders.


ENT services of Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital, provides consultation and treatment for disorders and diseases involving your ears, nose and throat area. We specialize in conditions involving your sinuses, thyroid and parathyroid glands, disorders of the upper airway and tumors in the head and neck area. Our specialists are fully trained in the management and specialized care of a wide range of disorders in each of these areas.


At Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital, we deliver targeted and comprehensive consultation and treatment for patients who have a broad spectrum of conditions affecting the endocrine system, including diabetes, pituitary and other glandular disorders.

General Surgery

Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital, are surgical specialists who care for patients needing surgery on the abdomen, skin, breast, soft tissues, or endocrine system, which includes the esophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and bile ducts, among other organs. We are also recognized in state for outstanding clinical care, research, and innovation.

Internal Medicine

At Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital, our experienced internists work with you to coordinate all your health needs, from helping you maintain a vigorous lifestyle to linking you with specialists when necessary. Our skilled specialists combine the best of therapeutic and diagnostic technology with extensive training and years of experience to provide the best.


Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital, have very much advanced set up in laparoscopic surgery. We have many laparoscopic surgery trained technicians, HD cameras etc. Our Laparoscopic surgeons perform various laparoscopic procedures like Diagnostic Lapscopy, Cholecystectomy, Colonic Resection, Gastrectomy, Pancreatic Necrosectomy etc.


Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital offers a wide spectrum of services for the diagnosis, treatment and management of all types of Kidney Diseases. A dedicated team of well-qualified, experienced nephrologists works hand-in-hand with expert urologists, vascular surgeons, dieticians and the medical social worker to provide best quality comprehensive kidney care.


Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital leaders in the care of patients suffering from stroke, seizures, brain tumors, degenerative nerve diseases, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders, as well as memory disorders, including Alzheimer's disease. our neurologists also actively pursue leading-edge research to advance care for these diseases and conditions..

Nutrition and Dietetics

Dietetics and Nutrition services at Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital is progressive & fully committed to provide the highest quality nutritional care, leading edge nutrition practice, food service & education, innovative business developmental process flow – to patients and staff. Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital addresses today’s complex nutrition and health issues found across the District and State to enhance the quality of life for people and communities.

OBS and Gynecology

Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital provides a wide range of healthcare services that meet the needs of women through all the stages of life, starting from pre-conception planning and pregnancy to menopause and beyond. At every stage, we offer personalized care across a comprehensive range of obstetric and gynecological services. The services include care for all disorders of the female reproductive system, emergency gynecological surgery and educative and supportive services for all the needs of a woman. Specialized care for high-risk pregnancies is provided with doctors and qualified nurses available round the clock.


Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital provides treatment for the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves etc. our specialists handle everything from a torn muscle or broken bone to total joint replacement and minimally invasive surgery. We offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary care in an environment where patients come first.


Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital offer a full range of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Laboratories and diagnostic services including professional consultative services. State-of-the-art technology and active research programs assure that the most sophisticated diagnostic modalities are available.


Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital will have easy access to extraordinary child healthcare, including easily appointments and extended hours! We work with parents and families to treat a child's illnesses and injury, and promote healthy growth and development, so that each child may reach his or her full potential.


At Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital, we understand that illnesses and injuries can strike anyone at any time. Therefore, we are committed to supporting you and ensuring that you are well protected, by providing you with the effective, result-oriented physiotherapy treatment.Our aim is to give you relief from pain and to provide a long-term solution for your issue. We strive to work with you and prevent re-occurrence with the aim that you won’t need to attend for the same condition again.

Plastic and Reconstructive

Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital offer the latest treatments for reconstructive surgery, and specialized programs that offer a variety of comprehensive surgical services for those seeking both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, like Burns and congenital conditions such as cleft lip and craniosysnostosis. Our surgeons treat both adults and children. They also research and implement historic innovations in the most advanced reconstructive transplant procedures including arm, hand, face and penile transplants.


Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital offers a full spectrum of comprehensive mental health services for children and adults, including inpatient hospitalization as well as outpatient and emergency psychiatry. Patients are cared for by a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, nurses, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, music therapists, a neuropsychiatric pharmacist and psychiatric technicians.


Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital provide expertise and surgical treatment for urinary disorders of the male and female urinary tracts, as well as conditions of the male genital tract or reproductive system. Our urology specialists work closely with patients to develop individualized treatment plans that include both medical and surgical approaches to a wide range of urological problems.


As the architect of healthcare in State, Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital has virtually redefined corporate health services. From wellness to preventive care to treatment of illnesses to rehabilitation.
The following corporate services initiative of Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital is not merely providing world standard health care, but more importantly bringing it within the reach of every individual.)

Cashless treatment

At Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital, In its continued endeavour to provide world class healthcare services to the community at large, Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital has been offering hassle free "Cashless Medical treatment Services", which is easily accessible and manned by extremely competent professionals who cater to needs of policy holders from enquiry to final approval in an efficient and customer-friendly manner.

TPA and Insurance

At Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital, we strive to make Healthcare 'stress-free'. We aim to be the preferred destination for insured to provide easily accessible, fast & reliable information to facilitate Health Insurance/TPA Transactions. We strive to be an effective facilitator between the various Stakeholders of the Healthcare Ecosystem – Insured, Insurer and the Medical Service Provider, simplifying Health insurance.

Health Checkup

At Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital, providing specialized services for corporate houses which cover the entire range from preventive diagnostics to wellness programs to insurance services. Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital is associated with many companies to conduct health check-up for their employees and conducts several health check-ups program in the year, for its patrons.

Government Scheme

At Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital, providing assistance for OPD and inpatient treatment under government schemes: Apart from general and healthcare treatment, Mangalam Multispecialty Hospital support on various central and state governments introduced healthcare schemes, whether it is particularly targeting the people below poverty line or unorganized sections like farmers.